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[Q2 2024] Mugen Toys Takara Tony T24 Sorcerer Supreme Magic Accessories

[Q2 2024] Mugen Toys Takara Tony T24 Sorcerer Supreme Magic Accessories

RM230.00 Regular Price
RM90.00Sale Price

T24A Deluxe Set

Full price: RM305.00

Deposit: RM120.00


T24B, T24C, T24D, T24E

Full price: RM230.00

Deposit: RM90.00


T24 Book Set

Full price: RM148.00

Deposit: RM55.00


Release date: 2nd Quarter 2024

(Subject to the actual shipping time of the manufacturer)

ETA month: To be confirmed

= Local postage not included =

*Box may not be in perfect condition due to shipping*


Mugen Toys Takara Tony T24 Sorcerer Supreme Magic Accessories


Product Features:

  • 1/12 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Magic Circle Set  X 1 (2 big + 2 small)
  • Time Circle set X 1 (2 big + 2 small)
  • Monster Hand Set X 1
  • Magic Note X 1
  • Fire Sword X 1
  • Effect Fire Sword X 1
  • Magic AXE X 1
  • Effect Magic AXE X 1
  • Magic Ribbon X 1
  • HandCuffs X 1
  • Magic windmill Circle X 1
  • BOOK of VISHANTI set X 1 (Open and Close form)
  • DARKHOLD set X 1
  • Open and Close form
  • Hand set X 16 (8 for Marvel Legends. 8 for MAFEX or SHF)
  • Figure not included

    • This item is under allocation; it is a pre-order item.
    • The estimated release date is stated as per the title.
    • There is a risk or possibility that the stock might not be fulfilled by the manufacturer.
    • If your pre-order is not fulfilled, we will refund the full amount of deposit.
    • Any delay caused by the manufacturer will have no compensation

    • Deposits are not refundable or transferable; cancellations are not allowed.
    • Once the item is released from the manufacturer, please allow at least 4 to 6 weeks for stock to reach Malaysia.
    • Balance payment must be made within 2 weeks (for Group Members, 4 weeks) after receiving notice; the order will be cancelled if there is no response message or payment from the buyer, and the deposit will be forfeited.
    • Goods sold are not returnable. I do provide defect parts replacement service for most third-party Transformers brands.
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