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Pre-Order Policy

Please ensure you read and understand the pre-order policy below before continuing to the pre-orders section. Items listed as “pre-order” are currently not available to ship until the pre-order arrives at our warehouse.

Pre-order Policy

A pre-order is a contract to acquire an item before it is available in store. TF Upgrader Collectibles offers many items throughout the year as pre-orders for the benefit of our customers to ensure pre-release items are obtainable and affordable.

Advantages of Pre-Ordering

Pre-ordering ensures that you get the product you want, as some products are limited in quantity and sell out before it reach our store. We fulfill pre-orders in the order we receive them. As there is no need to put down any money for a pre-order, we encourage you to place a pre-order on items as soon as possible to ensure that you secure any items you want before it sell out.

How to Cancel a Pre-Order

The very moment an order is placed by the customer, the order shall and will be final, noncancelable, and nonrefundable, except in cases where the supplier is no longer able to provide or manufacture said pre-ordered product. The deposit will be refunded in full.


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