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Toy Alliance ARCHECORE ARC-08 Ursus Guard Starfall Squad


The 1/35 scale Archecore - Saga of Ymirus world of military figures, vehicles, and accessories continues with this ARC-08 Ursus Guard Starfall Squad! 


Starfall Squad is one of the assault teams belonging to the Ursus Guard. According to Asgard mythology, the High Moon Priest summoned stars from the sky and incinerated the plains; the explosion of each star created flames which transformed into invincible flame berserkers. The Starfall Squad has made some bold attempts in their loadout configurations by using non-standard military equipment such as great hammers, heavy machine gun, and infantry cannons; the bull horns located on their helmets are spirit amplifying devices that allow the squad to enter a temporary berserk state in which they become selfless and surpass the physical limitations of mortals. However, they are left weak and sluggish for a period after exiting berserk mode. There are many controversies and split opinions on whether spirit amplifying technologies should be comprehensively used in military applications throughout the Kingdom of Veck.


== Other figures and accessories not included ==


Product Features:

  • 2.3 inches (6cm)
  • 1/35 Scale
  • Made of ABS, POM, PA, and PVC
  • Figures feature over 30 points of articulation
  • Highly detailed


Box Contents:

  • Starfall Squad Leader figure
    • Great hammer
    • Grenade launcher
    • 8 Hands
  • 2 Starfall Squad Soldier figures
    • Heavy machine gun
    • Cannon
    • 3 Tank traps
    • 2 Flags
    • 16 Hands


[Pre-order] Toy Alliance ARCHECORE ARC-08 Ursus Guard Starfall Squad


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