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Toy Alliance Acid Rain FAV-A68 Argus Nocturnal Predator


The Bucks Teams recent successes have changed much and more… but not Argus. The Soil Ghost sniper has steadfastly resisted any attempts to integrate him into the Agurtan military in a more senior position. He continues to make himself available whenever he is needed—in particular, when Bob needs him, he always seems to be at hand, but otherwise no one could be quite sure of his whereabouts.


Rumors of him training his daughter in the woods around Fierla, or skirmishing in the Estancian Gray Zone in cooperation with the Hellbenders, but they cannot be confirmed. His new armor makes him that much harder to pin down. Codenamed Nighthawk, it comes with a special Quint-Eye Holographic Helmet made of a semi-transparent alloy with five motion and heat sensors. Combined with his mechanical backpack—which can be used to set up a second sniper rifle and fired using a remote controlled system—nothing escapes Argus’ pursuit.


On top of that and the Forseti Power Weave for added protection, designers provided him a Python Stealth cloak—the shifting dark silver blends perfectly into the background and actually obscures body heat emissions, making the sniper almost impossible to locate on the battlefield, even with thermal imaging technology. Unseen, Argus delivers his unique justice to any who would cross him or his family.


Product Features:

  • 1/18 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Part of the FAV line
  • Highly detailed weathering effect
  • Compatible with 1/18 scale Acid Rain figures
  • Figures and other accessories shown not included


Box Contents:

  • Argus figure
  • Quint-eye holographic helmet
  • Python stealth cloak
  • Mechanical backpack
  • AAMR-611 anti-materiel rifle
  • AFG-12 Match Storm pistol (flare gun)
  • 3 HEAT grenades
  • Pulse grenade
  • Gear buckle

[Pre-order] Toy Alliance Acid Rain FAV-A68 Argus Nocturnal Predator


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