FAV-A50 Viper AEGIS Rusher

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Deposit: RM89.00


The 1/18 scale Acid Rain world of military figures, vehicles, and accessories continues with this FAV-A50 Viper AEGIS Rusher!

The Viper AEGIS Rusher is a heavy firepower unit belonging to the NAUS Desert Corps’ Viper Team. It is outfitted with the Piranha Lite II, a lightweight AEGIS exoskeleton crafted from carbon fiber and the newly discovered element acrainium. Thin, agile, and sturdy, this power armor offers strong support and stability while effectively weathering acid rain. Thanks to the Piranha Lite II, the Viper AEGIS Rusher can better operate heavy weapons and coordinate with SAs.


Box Contents:

  • Viper AEGIS Rusher figure
  • ARL5 bazooka
  • Grinder shotgun
  • AP4 pistol
  • Action camera
  • Detector


FAV-A51 EOS Skirmisher

Full price: RM199.00

Deposit: RM79.00


The 1/18 scale Acid Rain world of military figures, vehicles, and accessories continues with this FAV-A51 EOS Skirmisher!

EOS Skirmishers are outstanding members of Agurts’ 303rd Marine Team whose funding steadily increased due to frequent skirmishes in the Acid Rain Era. They speed across the battlefield in their Ankylo RV5m-2 armored vehicles to perform reconnaissance and combat support operations. Never striking the first blow, EOS Skirmishers would sow chaos for enemy formations as decoys before encircling their outnumbered targets for the final kill.


Box Contents:

  • EOS Skirmisher figure
  • Thunderstorm revolver
  • Raisen shotgun
  • AAR3 assault rifle
  • Walkie-talkie
  • Holster


FAV-A52 Itzpapalotl

Full price: RM209.00

Deposit: RM89.00


The 1/18 scale Acid Rain world of military figures, vehicles, and accessories continue with this FAV-A52 Itzpapalotl!

Itzpapalotl descended from the ancient inhabitants of the Avecan continent. Her heroic feats at the Battle of Living Totem helped the indigenous tribes liberate the nation of Aztlan from the old federal republic. The tribes bestowed her a distinguished name symbolizing death and purification - Itzpapalotl, meaning “obsidian butterfly."

Much like other powers and factions on the Avecan continent, Aztlan must pay tribute to Neo Atlantis in exchange for guaranteed supply chains. Neo Atlantis admired Itzpapalotl and the other Aztlan warriors so much that they handpicked them to serve aboard Neo Atlantis' Poseidon-class sea fortresses as tribute. In addition to her outstanding combat skills, Itzpapalotl was specially trained as a code talker thanks to her rare mother tongue. She trains other code talkers aboard the Saint Argo of the NA 7th Fleet, which cruises between Aveca and Europa to protect trade routes and respond to port emergencies.


Box Contents:

  • Itzpapalotl figure
  • ASMG4 Submachine gun
  • AP4 Pistol
  • Daly shotgun


Release month: January 2022

ETA month: To be confirmed

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Toy Alliance Acid Rain FAV-A50 Viper AEGIS Rusher, FAV-A51 EOS Skirmisher, FAV-A52 Itzpapalotl


Product Features:

  • 1/18 Scale
  • Made of plastic 
  • Highly detailed
  • Features weathering effect
  • Compatible with other 1/18 scale Acid Rain World items

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