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Threezero Ultraman Suit Another Universe FigZero Ultraman Suit Zero 1/6 Scale Figure


Ultraman continues to expand from manga into anime and games, and now from the world of the Ultraman Suit Another Universe project, Ultraman Suit Zero has been made into a 1/6th scale articulated FigZero figure!


The FigZero Ultraman Suit Zero stands approximately 12.4 inches tall at 1/6th scale, and is a fully articulated figure with 44 points of articulations. This collectible has a detailed paint application, and is constructed partially of die-cast zinc alloy and other metal parts. LED light-up features are installed at the eyes and the Color Timer in the chest.


An original set of weapons especially designed for this figure is the Zero Composite Weapon System, which consists of 3 blades and a Zero Defender force shield generator. Zero Slugger-Hawk is the pair of separate blades, equipping each hand with a blade. The 2 Zero Slugger-Hawks can be combined together through an adapter piece, which itself is installed with a blade to form the Zero Twin-Hawk Offence Form. By combining it with the Zero Defender, it becomes the Zero Twin-Hawk Defence Form.


The figure also includes multiple interchangeable hands; 1 pair of fists, 1 pair of posed hands, 1 pair in knifehand strike pose, 1 pair for holding weapons and 1 left hand in a V sign pose.


Product Features:

  • 12.4 inches (31.5cm)
  • 1/6 Scale
  • Made of PVC, ABS, die-cast zinc alloy, and metal parts
  • Based on the Ultraman series
  • Part of the FigZero line
  • Original body with 44 points of articulation
  • Exquisitely detailed paint application
  • LED light-up features in the eyes and the Color Timer
  • Requires 4 AG1 button cell batteries (not included)


Box Contents:

  • Ultraman Suit Zero figure
  • 9 Alternate hands
    • Pair of fists
    • Pair of posed hands
    • Pair in knifehand strike pose
    • Pair for holding weapons
    • Left hand in a V sign pose
  • Zero Slugger-Hawk
    • Adaptor grip piece
  • Force shield generator Zero Defender

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